Why to Acquire Diamonds


Highest Appreciations
Over 38 Years of auction and private dealer records show colored diamond prices have doubled at the dealer level on average every 5-7 years.

Most Volatility
Colored diamonds have weathered 3 economic recessions in the past 38 years and have not decreased in value once throughout the full 38-year period.

Tax-Free, Non-declarable, non-reportable
As a non-reporting asset, records of colored diamond ownership are 100% private. There is no public or private record available, including cases of civil actions, divorce, lawsuits, etc.

Perfect hedge against the economy
As the market for colored diamonds is worldwide, colored diamonds can be purchased with U.S. Dollars and later sold in any other currency, acting as the perfect hedge against a declining U.S. Dollar.

Simple supply & demand
Demands continue to outpace supply. Colored diamonds have a multi-billion dollar, global marketplace, with liquidity!

A new account position could be opened for as little as $5,000 – buying only at your pace and within your financial reach;
• Wealth Accumulation
• Recession Proof
• Privacy
• Hedge Against U.S. Dollar Devaluation
• Liquidity
• Affordability

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